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Pure Life Sprouted Khorasan Bread 1kg


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Khorasan is an ancient wheat grain believed to originate from the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East. When compared with common, modern day wheat, khorasan has a higher level of proteins and minerals such as zinc and selenium which are vital antioxidants nutrients. The grain itself is much larger than common wheat as about twice the size and is much lighter in colour. Our sprouted khorasan loaf is popular for its milk, slightly nutty flavour. It is perfect for those looking for a high energy food and is a great alternative for people sensitive to modern wheat. it contains gluten however some people with sensitivities can tolerate the gluten in khorasan.
Vacuum pack, can be loose.

Brand: Pure Life
Origin: NSW
Certification: ACO
Weight / Volume: 1kg
Sold as Units: Yes


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