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Inika Baked Mineral Countour Duo Teak 5g


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This beautiful duo is perfect for contouring and highlighting for medium skin tones. 

1. For an all over sun kissed effect, dust contour powder over forehead, cheeks, eyelids and chin. 

2. To create a sculpted, chiseled, effect, dust contour powder along the hollow of the cheek and the sides of the nose, under the chin and neck and under the tip of the nose. 

3. To create a healthy glow, apply highlighter to the high planes of the face – down the centre of the nose, the brow bones, cheek bones and bow of lips. 

INIKA is an Australian brand that started in 2006. This is the organic make-up brand which is trusted worldwide and the make-up choice for stylishly natural women everywhere. Winner of over 35 cosmetic awards, outperforming even non-organic brands; INIKA has smashed the myth that natural make-up has to compromise on performance or fashion. Certified organic, vegan, halal, and cruelty-free.


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