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Global Organics Organic Lentil Soup 400g Canned


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A middle eastern favourite with a nod to it’s greek heritage, this lentil soup is a wholesome low fat, vegan meal with an abundance of protein rich lentils and aromatic seasoned vegetables.Organically harvested. Just heat and eat!

Ingredients: Water, Lentils (22%), Onions* Potatoes*,Tomato Puree*, Carrots, Leek*, Celeriac*, Maize Starch*, Vegetable Stock* (sea salt, onions*, carrots, leeks*, parnsip*, parsley*, tumeric*, garlic*, nutmeg*, lovage*, pepper*), Red Wine Vinegr*, Sunflower oil*, Guar Gum* (412), Raw Can Sugar*, Sea Salt, Carrot Juice Concentrate*, Garlic*, Lovage, Detrose*. *Organic ingredients.


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