Bio-dynamic Olive Oil

Bio-dynamic Olive Oil

Delicious hummus and gluten-free tortillas – aren’t they a combo to die for?

Hummus is one mouth-watering dip that is super healthy and just so delicious but is no good if you don’t use high-quality olive oil in it.

The secret behind the amazing texture and taste of hummus is olive oil – its quality and of course, quantity. If you’re looking for amazing olive oil to make the best humus, drop into our store now and you’ll get lucky – because we’ve got pure and awesome organic olive oil that will be just perfect!

Organic olive oil has many benefits when it comes to your health – it can help protect you from ulcerative colitis and is a good source of Vitamins E and K.

Not only is it useful in the kitchen but you can also incorporate it in your beauty routine as well. Olive oil is a very good moisturiser as it penetrates deep into the skin and provide a long-lasting shield of moisture, keeping skin smooth and supple.


Candlebark farms biodynamic olive oil is proudly produced in Australia and comes straight from Candlebark Farms in Victoria. Made with the best care, our local biodynamic cold pressed olive oil is certainly unlike any other.
From humus to salads, steaks and pastas, this one’s great to add goodness to your dish and to use without a doubt.
Bio-dynamic Olive Oil is available in bulk at our little health store ‘Miss Spelts Grains & Goodies’ located in the beutiful Healesville and soon will be available to our Healthy Shelly customers online. 
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