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A Moment With Teagan

We are very lucky to be working with an amazing group of people at Miss Spelts Organics. One of those amazing humans is Teagan Hee, our residence studant naturopath.


Grown up in the Yarra Valley, Teagan 

and when she’s not studying, enjoys relaxing at home with a cup of herbal tea, doing pilates, and spending time with her horses.Teagan is in her final year of study at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and will be graduating very soon. She has a special interest in treating hormonal imbalance, PCOS, acne and gut issues (IBS, food sensitivity, reflux).Teagan is also passionate about helping clients optimise their health to strengthen immunity, reduce pain & inflammation, and improve sleep quality through nutrition, lifestyle practices and herbal medicine.

"Naturopathy is a wonderful system of medicine, combining ancient wisdom with modern science, and can be used to effectively treat and prevent a multitude of diseases, by working alongside the body’s natural processes and utilising the healing power of nature”


We asked her how this all strated. “I was first introduced to natural medicine when I was very young, after suffering for years with unexplained severe stomach aches and chronic pain which became very debilitating. After seeking help from a naturopath, my issues completely resolved after identifying the triggering foods that were causing my symptoms, reducing inflammation, and repairing my gut. While I was only young at the time I will never forget the level of care that was provided to me, how I felt heard, and was provided education and ongoing support by my practitioner.” 


Further to that she addded, ” Everyone deserves to have access to this kind of health care and support, and I am honoured to use my knowledge and life experiences to guide people wherever they are on their health journey, and assist them in moving towards more vibrant health.”

You can meet Teagan in store on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to discuss about your health concerns, about the ways you can optimise your health and explore the root cause of your symptoms. If you’d like to go deeper in to your questions you can get an online appointment by contacting Teagan directly for bookings via email ‘’.


You can also follow her naturopathy and herbal tea journey

on instagram @herbalteag

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