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Why I love to eat this way!


Do you struggle with eating healthy? Or do you eat healthily but still have health problems of some kind? There is so much information out there about diet that it’s easy to be confused. In this article, I’m going to tell you what I’ve learnt about diet along with my journey and the diet principles that I’ve found to work the best in helping me to be the most healthy, energetic and vibrant person I can be.

I grew up on what most people would call a very ‘healthy’ diet. We very rarely ate out at fast food outlets and mostly ate at home. My parents always made us eat two meals of vegetables daily for lunch and dinner with some kind of meat. Weekdays at school I had salad sandwiches. Breakfast was usually porridge made from oats with fruit and occasionally boxed cereals or toast. Occasionally I was given treats like lollies or chocolate. Despite growing up on what most people would call a healthy diet, I had eczema and other health problems.

Along with my journey trying to heal my eczema, I tried many different diets looking for what would help me heal my eczema, maintain a normal weight and give me more energy. Many of these diets were vegan and vegetarian. Stricter I was with my routine, I noticed that these diets made my health worse. I got fatigue, brain fog, depression and my anxiety were also worsened during these times. It was only when I began following a nutritional balancing diet that I began feeling the best I’ve ever felt and my health problems disappeared. My eczema has healed 98%, my depression and anxiety gone, my chronic fatigue is gone, my hair has stopped falling out, I no longer get headaches, tonsillitis or colds.

I still eat this way every day and I love it. The reasons why I love a nutritional balancing diet (which isn’t really a diet, it’s a lifestyle):

  • It’s individualized and tailored to your metabolic type (fast or slow).
  • It’s rich in minerals and keeps you full
  • It’s easy for digestion
  • It helps the body to detox
  • It provides so much energy and you don’t get energy slumps
  • It allows weight loss naturally and easy to maintain a natural weight
  • It’s a yang diet in Chinese medicine terms which helps people greatly these days
  • It’s a healing diet- high levels of nutrition and energy allows the body to heal up chronic infections and health problems (not just to survive)
  • Promotes mental development
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