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Top Tips for Colds and Flu

Top Tips for Colds and Flu

Do you dread winter? Do you get sick and struggle to get over it? Well, have no fear! I have some awesome tips to prevent you getting sick in the cold and flu season as well as to help you get better quicker if you ever do.

Growing up I used to get sick with a bad cold at the beginning of every winter. I would get a throat infection and all the awful symptoms that went along with it. It was a chronic infection that I could never get rid of because my immune system wasn’t strong enough. I would also continue to get more common colds and flu throughout the year. Sometimes even without an external cause.

After being on this health journey, practising the knowledge I’ve learnt over the years, now I rarely get sick. I’ve healed my chronic infection I used to get every year. If I do start to get symptoms like a headache or a sore throat, I know what to do and when to do it. Usually, I manage to stop the illness in its tracks.

I believe we are not meant to get sick. The body has an amazing immune system and if nourished properly and supported with excellent health and proper diet, it will become strong and powerful. Lack of nourishment and care puts the strain on our bodies which eventually results in weaker immunity. Many people only have enough energy for the body to keep them alive. Give the body higher nourishment and it will have excess energy to fight illnesses, heal chronic infections and thrive to its fullest potential.

The most important ways to achieve a strong immune system and prevent illness are:
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep- Getting sick with a cold or flu can be a sign of working too hard and the body needs to slow down. Pay attention to the warning signs and listen to your body
  • Avoid stress- Stress of every kind is very bad for your health and is a major cause of illness in today’s society
  • Eat a healthy, nourishing diet, free from processed food including sugar, table salt, vegetable oils and processed flours. Including some basic supplements help to further nourish the immune system
  • Exercise- is good for everyone but don’t overdo it as that can drain our energy needed for healing and stress our bodies which are already depleted and undernourished today (I learnt this from experience)
My top tips for getting well quicker are:
  1. Rest! Stay in bed as long as possible to reserve all energy for healing. Do not do exercise as this will slow you from getting better.
  2. Eat lightly of simple foods like cooked vegetables and chicken soup. Avoid red meat, dairy products, sugar, fruit, wheat and junk foods. Red meat takes a lot of energy to digest which the body needs for recovery. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Dairy and oranges are mucus-forming foods.
  3. Eat garlic- I chop raw garlic and add to food and swallow on an empty stomach with water. Garlic is very powerful as it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids- water and hot ginger tea is excellent. This will keep you hydrated.
  5. Keep yourself warm – rug up and take hot baths. Raising your body temperature helps kill the infection.
  6. Gargle with salt water for sore throats. Salts anti-bacterial qualities will help to kill infection.
  7. Sauna/red heat lights- fantastic for raising the body temperature to kill infections.

Other remedies I use if needed are colloidal silver, bee propolis and echinacea. Vitamin A and C can also be helpful. They are most effective if taken as soon as symptoms appear. Colloidal silver is anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal and doesn’t have the side effects of anti-biotic. I prefer the lower potency colloidal silver which can be taken three tablespoons a day on an empty stomach. Bee propolis is a resinous material bees use to protect their hives from viruses and bacteria. It has antiseptic properties. Echinacea is a great herb for immune support and illness recovery. 

Vitamin A strengthens the immune response. In higher doses, it can be more effective than taking Vitamin C for infections. Supplements should be the pre-formed Vitamin A rather than beta-carotene which is harder to convert to the active form of Vitamin A in some people. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. They can be found in health stores, chemists and online. I don’t take the above remedies for longer than 10 days. If the sickness persists please consult a medical practitioner.

I hope you find these tips helpful and you get the best use out of them. Remember wellness is your birthright. Stay well throughout the cold season.

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