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Why eat organic?

Why eat organic?

Why should you buy organic produce over conventional?

Buying organic food is a smart choice as there are a lot of benefits. Choosing organic has a positive effect on the health of yourself, your family, the environment and the whole ecosystem. Here are five reasons to choose organic foods today:

No harmful chemicals. 

Eating organically grown food is the only way to avoid the hundreds of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used to grow food crops as well as the chemical drenches, vaccines and antibiotics used on dairy cows and other animals, and in what they are fed, which can then transfer to dairy and meat products that we eat.  Most of which haven’t been tested for long-term health effects to be deemed as ‘safe’.

More nutrients. 

Organically grown food generally has higher levels of nutrients than commercially grown food. This has been proven in numerous studies. This is due to more nutrients being put back into the soil, producing a more nutritious plant which gives us more minerals and vitamins when we eat it.

No GMO. 

Genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modified organisms (GMO) are contaminating many foods.  It is estimated that 60% of processed foods have ingredients that contain GMOs but aren’t required to list this on the labels. Currently, the approved GM foods for consumption in Australia are soybean, canola, corn, potato, sugar beet, cotton, wheat and rice. “There are no fresh fruits or vegetables grown in Australia that are genetically modified,” Rachel Ankeny, professor and leader of the Food Values Research Group at the University of Adelaide, told HuffPost Australia. “The only crops approved for commercial growth in Australia are GM cotton and GM canola (we use the oil in human food and seed meal in animal feed).” Apart from being imported as raw ingredients and in processed foods, genetically modified soy, corn and sugar beet may be imported as a stockfeed. So if you eat animal products (like milk, eggs, meat and fish) that are not organic you may be eating GM food. Stick to fresh vegetables and organic foods and try to avoid processed foods is the best way to avoid GM.

More flavour. 

Organically grown food generally tastes better and has a deeper colour because more nutrients in the soil produce healthier stronger plants. This is good for everyone because the more vegetables taste better, the easier is to eat more of them!

Better for the environment. 

Agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers are contaminating our environment, poisoning the water supplies and affecting the soil, livestock, wildlife, fish, oceans and humans. All living organisms play a vital role in keeping harmony in nature. Crop rotation and preservation of soil keeps farmland healthy and naturally free of pests without the need for chemicals.

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